Crocodile-Crushing Accountant Highlights Need for Insurance

In what could have been a tragic encounter between a crocodile, a Russian circus and an accountant, everyone appears to be doing fine.

Fedya, a six foot long crocodile, was traveling in Northern Russia with the circus that the crocodile was part of.  The staff accountant for the circus rode in the same bus as Fedya during this portion of the trip.  The bus took a sharp and unexpected turn which caused the accountant to fall on top of the crocodile.  Fedya was reported as vomiting for three hours after the incident, while the accountant was unharmed.  Fearing the worst, the animal was sent for monitoring as it was sceduled to become a star for a Russian television program in the near future.  According to the Soviet Circus director, Vassili Kolos, the crocodile has recovered.

While the story itself is incredible and the events extremely rare, this scenario does highlight the need for accounting firms to consider the breadth of their insurance program.  Accountants are often out on the road, visiting client and in client’s offices or worksites.  Most accountants also have office space where clients can come to discuss financial matters and drop off documents.

Whenever accountants are with others, there is an opportunity for bodily injury or property damage to occur.  When this injury occurs in the course of work, the Business Owners Policy (BOP) will respond.  It is important to make sure that general liability is included in the BOP and that it extends to injury done to clients whether at firm’s place of business or while visiting client off-site.

A BOP that includes robust general liability coverage, coverage for property damage and other enhancements can be obtained for as little as $500.  Contact us to discuss whether your firm’s insurance is adequate or to obtain an option for consideration at your next renewal.